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By: shelby (12-22-2001 00:58)  Rating: 2
all i see is a burnt out hood light, cheap tyres,and i would reccomend a battery service and an air filter. don't forget the washer fluid it looks low
By: bryangt (12-15-2001 22:00)  Rating: 1
Post a picture of the inside of your trunk next time!!!
By: 88stanggt (12-06-2001 12:42)  Rating: 6
What Is It?
By: performance (11-29-2001 21:07)  Rating: 1
Okay, he has the hood open showing us that he has nothing under it. He has the doors open, hiding the back end. Also, he has the wheels turned so we can't see any rims. Howabout, you get a big giant brown bag and cover the whole thing up?
By: black venom (11-20-2001 19:04)  Rating: 10
close that hood, there's nothing to see, yet.
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